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Brighter is a dynamic Australian e-learning solutions provider dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of young people.  We do this by introducing world-leading Education Technology to the classroom.

Our Product range includes: Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) or Virtual Learning Platforms (VLP), Content Software for teaching English as a first language and English as a second language (ESL); mathematics software, assessment tools, International Baccalaureate curriculum, Management Information Systems (MIS), Cloud Services and related Hardware such as interactive boards, tablets and screens.  

We represent well established companies in Australia, the UK and the USA

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About Us

By introducing world-leading content and technology to the classroom, we can give learning institutions and individuals access to life-changing education

Why we do it


We passionately believe that everyone should have the right to access world-leading education and learning and we are committed to making positive changes that will have a lasting impact on people's lives. Thanks to the development in Education Technology, we believe huge improvements in educational outcomes are possible, with the biggest impact to be seen in those countries with weaker education systems. 

Brighter was established to accelerate the sharing of knowledge from elite education systems around the world to South American countries, with the support of Education Technology. 

how we do it


We help Schools transform their learning environments by integrating technology into their curriculum in order to improve their overall pedagogy, resulting in better academic outcomes for students. 

Education is no longer just about learning and memorising facts and figures; it’s about collaborating with others, solving complex problems, developing different forms of communication and leadership skills, and improving motivation and productivity. Just having access to Technology is not enough to equip students with the skills they need to thrive.  

Our products and expertise are focused on developing a successful approach to Education Technology that will enable students access to classes, content, tests, homework, grades, assessments and an abundance of resources online. It is this blended learning environment that will arm students with the skills they need to achieve their full potential. 

What we do


We offer innovative products – Our product suite includes award-winning and proven brands that are seeing continuous success around the globe.  We offer innovative hardware and award-winning software designed to enhance the presentation of content and make lessons interactive and engaging.

We provide training and advisory  –  Our passion for learning and sharing knowledge is integral to what we do. A large part of our role includes providing advisory and training in relation to e-learning and helping the schools grow their international networks. 

We look internationally  –  because we have first-hand experience in the way education is evolving around the world, with a particular focus on Australia and the UK.  Part of our long-term vision is to empower children to use technology as a means to express their creativity and participate in the design and development of software.

Our Team


Our team brings together strong commercial skills and significant experience in the education sectors around the world.  We are located in Australia and Peru, with partners in the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel and Finland.  We are also looking to establish offices in Chile and Colombia.